Our Skin Philosophy

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Your skin is intelligent — it knows how to heal itself.

We believe the skin is a highly intelligent, finely-tuned system. From repairing damage, to clearing away cellular debris, to maintaining overall skin function, the skin is constantly at work. We call this your skin intelligence — always sensing, always adapting. 
The intelligent skin knows how to heal when it has all the right tools. 
The problem is: our modern world is not kind to our skin. From environmental pollution to nutrient-poor soils leading to nutrient-depleted food, medication side effects, highly stressful situations, an ever-growing disconnect from nature, and much more, modernity has robbed our skin of the necessary nutrients and cofactors to accomplish its healing.


"Achieving vibrant, healthy skin starts with an understanding of the skin’s fundamental nutrient needs and how to help it adapt to (an ever-increasing) stress environment. At Sana Haus, we strive to do exactly that — crafting precise formulas that nourish the skin, working with your skin’s innate intelligence to help it adapt to the modern world."


Triple Comedogen Screened™

Each and every ingredient in our Sana products are Triple Comedogen Screened, to ensure safety for acne-prone skin.

Our proprietary screening process not only assesses ingredient comedogenicity, but also cellular activity and unique impacts on the microbiome.

This rigorous screening process means there are many ingredients classified as “non-comedogenic” or even “anti-acne” that you simply won’t find in our products!

We are proud to offer skincare products that have been meticulously formulated with love, care, and consideration for the complexities of acne-prone skin — and our Triple Comedogen Screenedprocess is a crucial part of how we accomplish that.

Over 100+ ingredients excluded from our formulas.


Sophisticated, results-driven formulas

The skin is complex - there are many layers, many molecules, many enzymes to take into consideration when formulating a product to provide targeted support for skin concerns. Skincare formulas should work with the skin’s physiology on a molecular level, not against it.

Just as important, ingredients must always be compatible with one another to produce an overall effective formula - one that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In our formulation process, the synergy, absorption, bioactivity (a.k.a the activity of a given compound within the skin cell), and sourcing of each ingredient is carefully considered.

After rigorous evaluation, only the most effective, targeted, and bioactive ingredients are included, creating sophisticated, high-tech botanical formulas that produce noticeable results.


Exceptionally clean ingredients, at an accessible price point.

Our products blend the best of nature with the latest, cutting-edge research on the skin, so there’s no room for fillers or toxic ingredients. Each botanical ingredient or clinical active is selected with precise intention and your holistic wellness in mind.

SKIN IS FOREVER™ — not a trend.

Experience real skin nourishment formulated for your skin, not trends. Each Sana product is meticulously formulated to meet the foundational needs of your skin to activate your skin’s natural healing mechanisms.