Biome Clarifying Spot Treatment


A gentle, yet powerful spot serum for tackling stubborn blemishes and preventing future spots. Designed to balance the skin microbiome and invigorate the skin’s innate defense mechanisms against harmful bacteria for clearer, healthier skin.

A gentle, yet powerful spot serum designed to balance the skin microbiome and invigorate the skin’s innate defense mechanisms against harmful bacteria for increased skin clarity. Bioactive ingredients against Malassezia spp., Cutibacterium acnes, Candida albicans, and Staphylococcus aureus.

Smells like: fresh with notes of sweet spice and ginger.

For acne-prone skin types and blemishes in all skin types. More than non-comedogenic — Triple Comedogen Screened™.


  • Ginger and Calendula promote increased circulation and lymphatic flow to support inflamed skin types.
  • Black Cumin, Rosalina, and Manuka Leaf gently encourage the skin microbiome back into balance and fight blemish-related bacteria, fungi, and even parasitic Demodex.
  • Sandalwood and Immortelle repair and regenerate damaged, hyperpigmented post-blemish skin.

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Results in just one use.*

*Results may vary. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Key Ingredients


Biome Balance Complex

A blend of supercritical Black Cumin, Manuka Tree, and Rosalina synergize to address the growth of acne-causing microorganisms like C. acnes, Malassezia spp., Candida albicans, and S. aureus.


Invigorating botanical blend

A synergistic combination of lymph-moving Calendula and invigorating supercritical Turmeric and Ginger extract gently move heat and dampness out of the skin and reawaken natural defense systems.


Santalum paniculatum oil

Santalum paniculatum, a sustainably-sourced species of Sandalwood, is rich in blemish-fighting, skin-balancing alpha-santalol. This unique plant compound is also a powerful tyrosinase-inhibitor, delivering brighter, more even skin over time.

Active Regimen: Apply 1-3 drops to areas of active breakouts after serums and before SPF (AM and PM). Apply as needed when you feel a blemish beginning to form. Alternatively, mix 1-3 drops with Clarity or Vitale and apply all over the skin from preventative and comprehensive microbiome support.
Maintenance Regimen: During periods of skin clarity, mix 1 drop of Biome with Clarity or Vitale to maintain microbiome balance.
Borago officinalis (Borage) Oil, Oryza sativa (Rice Bran) Oil*, Rubus idaeus (Raspberry Seed) CO2 Extract, Capric/Caprylic Triglycerides, Biome Balance Blend (Nigella sativa (Black Cumin) Seed CO2 Extract*, Leptospermum scoparium (Manuka) Leaf / Twig Oil**, Melaleuca ericifolia (Rosalina) Oil), Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) CO2 Extract, Curcuma longa (Turmeric) CO2 Extract*, Zingiber officinale (Ginger) CO2 Extract*, Santalum paniculatum (Sandalwood) Oil*, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) CO2 Extract, Helichrysum italicum (Immortelle) Oil*, Boswellia sacra (Frankincense) Oil*, Copaifera langsdorffii (Copaiba) Balsam*, Schinus molle L. (Pink Peppercorn) Oil, Lavandula augustifolia (Bulgarian Lavender) Oil*, Cananga odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil*, Tocopherol, Magnolia officinalis (Magnolia Bark) Extract.
*Organic. **Wildcrafted. | 10mL / 0.34 fl oz | 30-60 day supply
Phthalate-free. Paraben-free. Artificial fragrance-free. Non-photosensitizing. Non-irritating. Skin barrier safe. Ultra-clean formulations. Learn more about our ingredient philosophy here.
Streamline your skincare routine and results with an optimized regimen — The Sana Method™.
This 6-step regimen covers all the bases, ensuring that your skin is optimally, but gently cleansed, pH-balanced, and has the right balance of nutrients for optimal skin health.
To download The Sana Method™ for blemish-prone skin, click here.
To download The Sana Method™ for dry / mature / normal skin, click here.


Clarity and Biome are our two powerhouse formulas specifically targeted at addressing the molecular triggers of acne. While they both support skin clarity, they work in slightly different ways that support subtypes of acne-prone skin.

Clarity targets the root cause of breakouts — cellular inflammation and free radical damage — with acne-safe bioactives and clinicals. It also infuses the skin with lipids for skin barrier repair, a major cause of inflammation in the skin.

At the foundational level, every acne-prone skin type needs inflammation, free radical, and barrier support. This supports skin clarity, beginning on the cellular level.

But, there are some cases, even when cellular health is optimized, where the skin’s ability to maintain a healthy microbiome is compromised. This leads to stubborn bacterial overgrowth that causes stubborn breakouts (that may be frustrating to treat).

This can happen for many different reasons:

  • Antibiotic use (topical or oral), which can cause bacteria to mutate and grow more aggressively.
  • Mold exposure.
  • Hormonal contraceptive use.
  • Certain medications (like corticosteroids).
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • and more.

In these cases, the microbiome and skin’s natural microbiome-regulating systems needs more targeted support. And that’s where Biome comes in.

With a combination of bacteria-fighting and invigorating botanicals, Biome strengthens and balances the skin to clear stubborn blemishes.

No, Biome does not contain any tea tree oil! But, it does contain a plant from the same Melaleuca family.

Tea tree, or Melaleuca alternifolia, and Rosalina, or Melaleuca ericifolia, sound very similar but they are two distinctly different plants with distinctly different phytochemical profiles.

While tea tree is a very potent, medicinal oil, Rosalina is a much softer, gentler oil that works gently on the skin microbiome.

No, Biome does not contain any manuka honey! Biome contains a distillation of wild Manuka leaf from the Manuka tree — where Manuka honey gets its name.

While honey bees do feed on the nectar of the Manuka tree’s flowers to produce the unique Manuka honey, Manuka leaf is unrelated to Manuka honey and doesn’t share any of its same characteristics.

A note from Sophia

This formula was inspired by you.

Something I’ve come to learn about health is that there are foundational principles of health that we all benefit from. But, then there’s maybe a certain food or herb or practice that we find our body just loves (or doesn’t love). It might not be something your mom or your sister or your friend feels that way about, but you *just know* it’s right for you. We fulfill our foundational needs, but on our journeys, we learn how to meet our body’s need in a specific, even more powerful way.
Through working with so many of you, I learned this is also true for the skin. We have our foundational ”skin needs“ that we all need to meet for healthy, vibrant skin. But, then, we also have unique “skin needs” that may exist depending on our unique biochemical makeup or season of life.
Seeing these patterns in our community is exactly what inspired the Biome formula.
It’s the first Sana serum (of many) designed with those unique needs in mind, allowing you to meticulously tailor your skincare regimen to your skin, uniquely.